Celldweller - "Birthright (Birthwrong Mix by Blue Stahli)" Animated Video

The process began in May 2009 after purchasing a laptop from a friend with the idea of dedicating a machine to running the 3D Software Maya.   After installation, I started importing my t-shirt designs from Adobe Illustrator files.   The look of the designs in a 3D space had a refreshing feel so I proceeded to come up with a project to experiment with these shapes.   Music projects were always my favorite from art school and seemed like the perfect fit. I found a Video Challenge post at FIXTOnline's message board and picked a song from Celldweller's Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head Vol. 01.   "Birthright (Birthwrong Remix by Blue Stahli)" was perfect because of its short runtime and its compact epic build-up. When you watch the animation your actually watching progress in order.   A few sections may have been switched at the end, but these were created soon after one another.   Each section of music was an attempt to try something different with the shapes.   Timing and mood were also heavily considered during the process. Below are some stills and a little more insight into the thought process.   Thanks for watching and I hope to have more of these to share soon.  

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I created the tunnel to mimic the effect in the music and transport the viewer to different space. Our destination was something I imagined to be tall organic vessels that dismantle as Klayton screams.
I pulled out a lot of images to try and catch as many beats as possible in this section. I liked the dumping action of the demon face here. Just a simple group of shapes that I thought was going to be added to, but it hit so many beats on its own, I left it as a solo.
The three spiked up nodes is my favorite section. I just kept driving them back and forth into the camera. If one wasn't in front I would quickly take the one in the back and bring it forward. The timed circles section was my attempt at moving away from the spinning shapes. I remember this is where I really wracked my brain to bring something different to the animation and this is the result.
The axis of these barbed rings was moved to create the motion to match the spacey sound. It was a great deal of fun taking pieces from an eagle head design and re-constructing the arrangement into the Phoenix you see here.

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