Demon Pack is a creative brand for the artwork of Brett Schmidt. In addition to in-house production, wild creative energy is applied to other brands and companies to help bring their ambitious visual art concepts to reality. Projects include t-shirt designs, vector work and motion graphic animation.

Artist Statement

I have always been driven to create and portray imagery that embodies a great deal of energy. I find myself fusing lines and curves found in nature while drawing. I push myself to take what we see in life and twist and curve it into my own visual language. Most of the time this includes my own emotions and my desire to breath extra life into my subject matter. Primarily, my true goal is to have enough there for the audience to see what is being depicted and then push the piece to have an original energy of its own.

A majority of my work originates from pencil drawings from my sketchbook. I feel sketching allows me to grasp the most control when depicting the fine details of my imagination. The most refined pieces get scanned into the computer and go through various digital phases before I consider them completed works. The graphics I create for my t-shirts are prime examples.

Brett Schmidt
Owner, Webmaster, Lead Artist and Animator (Click Here for Design Portfolio)

Below is a collection of projects based on my interests in cartoons, comics, tattoo art and athletics.  
art galleryBearcat Warrior Web Comic
Art for your iTunes Library Athletic Design Online Web Comic
Tribal Kingdom: A Tattoo Fantasy

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